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Microsoft Certified Professional and Master’s degree in Programming

Microsoft Certified Professional and Master’s degree in Programming.

A seasoned professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry,

Albert started his career in the Retail sector, as a Database Developer and Administrator.

From 2000, when he joined Fimarge, he acquired greater responsibilities, until in 2006 he took over as head of the of the internal Development and Systems Departments.

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Albert González

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Albert González

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Connect via SFTP using SSH.NET

In these times of APIs-everywhere, it may sound like an anachronism the use SFTP to connect to a remote server and get a list of files for exchanging information, but in the financial world (sadly) it’s more common than you think.
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20 Myths About Web Design

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7 Ways To Improve Website Usability And Accessibility

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